N31 Tunnel

Schréder tunnel lighting system, with ContiLED and OMNIstar luminaires managed by the ATS control system, provides a comfortable, safe and energy-efficient lighting solution

The N31 is a regional road, with one lane in each direction, which connects the port of Zeebrugge to the north of France. Traffic was very dense on this road with many lorries using it to access the port and it was often slowed down considerably at Bruges due to a series of traffic lights.

The Ministry of Roads and the Mobility (AWV) decided to build a tunnel under the N31 to enhance mobility, making the coastal region more accessible and improving the quality of life for the inhabitants.  

The AWV wanted an energy-efficient lighting solution that would ensure safety and a high level of visual comfort at all times in this tunnel. They decided to install a solution that would adapt the light levels according to the ambient levels outside.  

As tunnel lighting must respect very strict criteria to guarantee excellent visibility at all times, especially in the critical entrance and exit zones, they needed a state-of-the-art lighting system.
They opted for a Schréder solution with the OMNIstar and ContiLED luminaires managed by the ATS control system.  

A total of 80 ContiLED luminaires were installed inside the tunnel.
They provide the recommended luminance in the interior zone to ensure perfect visual guidance and excellent uniformity.

Eighty OMNIstar luminaires, installed in a parallel line to the ContiLED fixtures, provide the boost lighting.
They reinforce the white light for maximum visual comfort.

Connected to the ATS control system, they adapt the lighting levels according to the natural light outside. The system manages 3 pre-programmed levels of light :

  • day: all luminaires are lit at 100%  
  • dull: all luminaires are dimmed 
  • night: only the ContiLED luminaires are switched on. 

This adaptive lighting system ensures perfect visibility and comfort for drivers entering and leaving the tunnel so that they can detect any obstacles and react in a safe manner. It also optimises energy consumption to provide a sustainable solution for the tunnel operator.  

The AWV is highly satisfied with this system that provides a comfortable, safe and energy-efficient lighting solution for the N31 tunnel. 



Ministry of Roads and the Mobility (AWV)