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Schréder STUDIO

Customise your solution


Beyond the standard

Sometimes, our customers have specific technical requirements.
Schréder STUDIO - our in-house design service - takes up the challenge, engineering dedicated solutions that match the same high-quality as our standard luminaires.

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Victor Cadranel- Schréder STUDIO - Manager

We harness our wealth of market knowledge and technical expertise to deliver bespoke technical designs for our customers. Depending on their needs, we can either undertake a design modification on one of our products, retrofit classic lanterns with modern technology or create a tailored luminaire. We make the customer's vision come true.

Victor Cadranel
Schréder STUDIO - Manager

A full-scope service

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Schréder STUDIO manages the creation of tailor-made lighting solutions from end-to-end, including all tests to ensure the high quality and certifications that come with standard Schréder products.

A second life for heritage lanterns

Schréder STUDIO develops retrofit kits to refurbish classical lanterns with long-lasting energy-efficient solutions.

Discover a project

Replicate the magic

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The expertise of Schréder STUDIO includes the complete replication of vintage gas lamps with modern and connected LED technology.