Advanced Tunnel System 4

Be ready to face your tunnel challenges


Tunnels play a crucial role in city mobility networks, relieving local roads, creating connections between two regions, crossing mountains and even seas. As tunnel managers, your challenge is to maintain this mobility network by providing reliable, safe and sustainable road tunnels. With the Advanced Tunnel System 4 (ATS 4), get the benefit of a powerful remote control system enabling the most complete management of your tunnel lighting installation. Jointly developed with Phoenix Contact, the ATS 4 provides an optimum solution for implementing a reliable and powerful tunnel lighting control system.
Precise dimming, switching, data reporting, system monitoring and commissioning - tunnel lighting management will no longer keep any secrets from you.

No room for uncertainty
Com o Advanced Tunnel Solution 4, não há espaço para dúvidas.

Conditions inside tunnels are subject to various external events such as weather conditions, traffic density or pollution alerts. The Advanced Tunnel System 4 enables precise remote dimming and switching of each connected luminaire, based on various tunnel parameter inputs (emergency exits, smoke extraction system, traffic cameras, etc.), creating adapted lighting levels according to any tunnel condition, at any time.

Safety first
Este sistema de controlo permite uma resposta rápida a qualquer evento repentino no interior do túnel.

People’s safety is crucial in tunnel management. That’s why you need a reliable and powerful lighting installation, managed by a control system that enables a fast response to any sudden events inside the tunnel. In the ATS 4 system, each luminaire is equipped with a Lumgate, a smart component capable of quickly reporting any luminaire-critical data. Those data are then processed by the ATS 4, which instantly provides an immediate response. With the ATS 4, there is no room for insecurity.

The most complete control system for the least effort
Reduzir os encerramentos de túneis e as atividades de manutenção o ATS 4.

Reduce tunnel closures and maintenance activities to fully enjoy the tunnel experience with the ATS 4. This control system is easy to install and configure
The tunnel lighting study  can be directly imported into the ATS 4 control system. This unique feature, in combination with auto-addressing of the Lumgates, leads to an extremely short commissioning time once the fixtures have been installed.

Long-lasting, cost-effective tunnels
O ATS 4 é fácil de instalar e configurar graças à sua filosofia de cablagem sem ferramentas.

The ATS 4 is built around a robust, reliable industrial communication system. As such, it continuously analyses the lighting installation data, monitors the luminaires’ power consumption and adapts the light level to the needs of the moment. This results in optimised energy consumption limited to what is absolutely necessary to ensure safe, comfortable driving conditions. The ATS 4 is a reliable remote control system guaranteeing rapid return on investment.

Reduce tunnel closures and maintenance activities to fully enjoy the tunnel experience with the Advanced Tunnel System 4.
O ATS 4 permite a regulação e comutação remota precisa de cada luminária ligada.
Your data are gold, ask for the most secure control system

A controlling system involving a wide range of control functions requires a higher level of security to guarantee a safe journey for your critical data. That’s why the ATS 4 is built on the innovative Phoenix Contact PLCnext technology, an open automation communication system compliant with the most highly demanding cyber security standards, such as the European NIS Directive (Network and Information Security EU 2016/1148) and international standard IEC62443. 
The ATS 4 controller is the first control system to fully comply with both regulations and can be used in these applications.

Installation and Maintenance

Plug-and-play philosophy
O ATS 4 permite a regulação e comutação remota precisa de cada luminária ligada.

The ATS 4 benefits from a complete set of toolless smart cables and connectors, allowing you to speed up cabling and save valuable time onsite. The communication cabling between the central controller and the luminaires themselves is made via an industrial Bus network, perfectly suited to handling the high demands associated with tunnel control applications.