Quality lighting creates outdoor spaces that increase public interactions and the overall experience for residents and visitors alike

Roads & motorways

Essential for social and economic development, lighting on roads and motorways must enable motorists to travel safely and securely to reduce the risks of accidents and ensure a fluid mobility.

Quality lighting solutions adapt to usage patterns of the public realm after dark

Urban & residential streets

Urban and residential streets must create public realms that let people interact with each other and the environment.

Shuffle provides free WiFi to create a truly connected space for Saint Pierre Square in Toulouse

Squares & pedestrian areas

Considered the living room of a city, squares, pedestrian areas and parks should be comfortable, engaging, and responsive to people's needs. 

Schréder provides ecological lighting solution for Town Quay Bridge to preserve bats

Bike & pedestrian paths

A staggering 60% of people, who would like to cycle more, are put off by safety concerns. Rethink your infrastructure to develop a cycling city for a healthy population and improved mobility.

Schréder lighting solution contributes to a positive customer experience at Mondojuve shopping centre by ensuring safety and a pleasant atmosphere

Car parks

While car parks are not usually areas where people want to spend time, well-lit ones contribute to creating a positive user experience. 

Schréder has in-depth knowledge and experience when it comes to lighting airports with cost-effective solutions and zero light spill

Large areas

Gone are the days when high-power floodlights where necessary to light large outdoor areas. Today’s LED systems provide perfect visibility while significantly reducing operating costs. 


Industrial halls & warehouses

With more than 40 years of practical experience, our intelligent turnkey solutions enable you to transform your lighting from a necessary expense to a strategic asset.                             

Schréder has many years of experience in lighting metro stations, we were the first to deliver an all LED lighting solution for Porta Susa metro station in Turin

Railway stations & metros

While stations will always need to be places of safety and security, there is no reason why they can’t delight and entertain. Light has a positive impact on this passenger experience.

From multi-purpose sports halls to large stadia, Schréder has a full range of lighting solutions

Sport facilities

Quality lighting can make the difference between a good or bad workout or victory or failure in many sports.

Schréder lit up the majestic Millau Viaduct to ensure a safe passage and a striking nocturnal feature


Light dramatically enhances these vital gateways to not only create safe and pleasant infrastructure but also turn them into iconic architectural landmarks. 


Tunnels & underpasses

A good tunnel is first, and foremost a safe tunnel. The lighting should make motorists feel like they are driving on the open road.

Schréder developed a bespoke illumination scheme for Bournemouth Pier to create an unique nocturnal identity

Accent & architectural

Improve the experience of your city for residents and visitors by using light and art to create vibrant public spaces at night.