McGill University

SHUFFLE delivers all the necessary features for a sustainable and engaging outdoor space

In 2017, the city of Montreal was voted the most student-friendly cities around the world. McGill University, based in Montreal and one of the most prestigious universities in Canada, welcomes thousands of international students from over 150 countries every year, contributing to the city’s accolade. 

The university places a high standard on the infrastructure it provides. Indeed, as a hub of knowledge, it is constantly evolving and exploring ways of teaching, learning and research - as well as growing and improving its facilities.

In 2019, it decided to renovate the main road on the lower campus. The road had deteriorated over the decades and offered little enhancement to university life. It is however an important link between two McGill landmarks, the Roddick Gates and the Arts Building - the most iconic building on campus, with the McGill flag flying from its wooden cupola. 

A modern public realm for people

The University decided to renovate the road and turn it into a pedestrian-friendly, multi-use space to encourage students and the public to sit, relax and spend time outdoors. New benches and new lighting were to be installed to give this new area a strong identity.  

Quality lighting was critical to ensure an open and accessible public space to engage and interact in the hours after sunset, especially in the dark winter months. An LED lighting solution was the obvious choice for its low energy consumption and carbon footprint. 

The University also wanted to install cameras to enhance the feeling of security, especially for the students away from home for the first time. They also felt that free WiFi was a prerequisite to help students stay connected, catch up on coursework and ultimately succeed in their studies.  

Leveraging technology

They were delighted to discover the SHUFFLE, which offered all of the above in a refined column. Furthermore, it offered the possibility to integrate arms to hang the University’s banners and GFI plugs to accommodate events taking on the campus throughout the year. 

A total of 14 SHUFFLE columns were installed along the road. Their clean lines provide a modern design, characterising the University’s forward-thinking identity. They deliver a soft gentle white light for a warm nocturnal ambiance in line with CS Design's (lighting designer) concept. Together, the light and cameras contribute to an increased sense of safety and security, 

We developed a customised arm to fit the banners with a specific safety feature to meet the University’s stringent requirements. It ensures a harmonious yet robust design so that only the banners attract the eye, enhancing the University’s strong and authentic identity for everyone arriving. 

A customised module was also developed to house 4 GFI plugs with a flush door closing that remains closed when the plugs are being used, protected the elements.  

Building wider relationships

We are delighted to have delivered the SHUFFLE which meets the needs of the students, academics and staff. The new pedestrianised public realm attracts people, even from outside the campus, building up community relationships. 



McGill University


Lighting design: CS Design