Liège lighting upgrade

IZYLUM improves the quality of light and significantly reduces the energy consumption, costs and CO2 footprint of the province

In 2019, RESA, the main energy supplier for the province of Liège, launched an ambitious plan to upgrade the entire public lighting network in just 6 years. The operator will replace 135,000 fixtures throughout the province to ensure safe roads for citizens with more energy-efficient LED lighting that will also reduce CO2 emissions.

The company wanted to do more than simply replace each fixture. In collaboration with the local authorities they completely rethought the lighting for each district by carefully assessing the placement of the luminaires and drawing up a new modern lighting plan. While most luminaires will be upgraded, some will be removed and the lighting levels are to be readapted for each type of space.

Route d'Esneux



We receive dozens of messages from customers each month informing us of problems with the public lighting. Replacing the old fixtures with new LED luminaires is a real long term solution to this problem.

Gil Simon
Gil Simon
General Director - RESA

Better lighting for better places

As part of its plan to replace 50,000 street lights by the end of 2022, RESA opted for the IZYLUM. Available in 5 sizes, this versatile luminaire ensures safety and comfort in spaces of all types and sizes with efficiency. 

As one of the main advantages of LED luminaires is the ability to direct light in a much more precise manner, the new lighting will deliver the light to exactly where it is needed and reduce light pollution to preserve the biodiversity - all while consuming less energy. 

In addition, they have a much longer life span and do not need to be replaced on a regular basis like fixtures with conventional discharge lamps, saving time and resources while minimising any potential disruption for road users. 

Smarter and more responsive lighting 

To manage the lighting in a more responsible and respectful manner, a number of IZYLUM the luminaires are fitted with connectors so that they can integrate sensors and be controlled remotely in the future and even respond to changes in the local environment, such as an increase in traffic.

As these state-of-the-art LED luminaires have a very long life span, it is wise to equip them for future developments. It makes common sense as this is part of the future challenges that RESA will be taking up.

Gil Simon
Gil Simon
General Director - RESA

Well-lit and sustainable nightscapes

In June 2021, the street lights had already been upgraded in 22 districts and by the end of 2022, a total of 50,000 IZYLUM luminaires will have been installed throughout the province of Liège. They deliver a crisp white light that has improved visibility and colour perception for road users while significantly reducing energy consumption and costs.