Tehomet factories

Industry lighting upgrade reduces energy costs and improves working conditions for employees

Tehomet is the largest manufacturer of custom steel and wooden lighting poles and high masts in Scandinavia. Established in 1979, the company is located in Kangasniemi, Finland and integrated the Valmont Group in 2007. 

As part of its continuous drive to lower energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions, the company embarked on a programme in 2019 to replace the lighting in its 2 factories in Kangasniemi with a more energy efficient technology. 

The new lighting also had to deliver a better quality of light and uniformity in the factories to improve working conditions for employees.

Reduced costs, energy consumption and carbon footprint

After consulting a number of lighting manufacturers, they opted for the INBU BAY. The lighting and energy efficiency calculations showed that the high-performance and optics of the INDU BAY would enable them to reduce the number of luminaires that needed to be installed, reducing the initial investment. 

A total of 100 luminaires were installed throughout the two sites. 

The low power consumption of the INDU BAY has dramatically cut energy consumption and carbon emissions. The long lifespan of the LEDs, robust materials, high IP and design that reduces dust accumulation virtually eliminate the need for maintenance.

Improved Light Output

Worker safety is equally paramount for the company. In addition to the substantial savings in terms of energy and maintenance costs, the INDU BAY also greatly improved illumination throughout the factories. 

With specifically designed optics, the luminaires provide an evenly distributed light output, removing shadows and increasing visibility. The improved lighting reduces the risks of work related accidents and ensures that the staff can see exactly what they are doing at all times to speed up operations. 

Thanks to the new LED lighting Tehomet enjoys a high-performance lighting system that provides excellent light levels, cost savings and comfort.

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