N1 motorway lighting upgrade

LED road lighting retrofit provides significant energy savings with required light levels

The N1 is a national route in South Africa that runs from Cape Town through Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Polokwane to Beit Bridge on the border with Zimbabwe. It forms the first section of the famed Cape to Cairo Road.

As part of the Provincial Government of the Western Cape’s initiatives to develop a green economy, it upgraded the lighting on the N1 in Cape Town to improve visibility, reduce energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.

Energy-saving road lighting that meets required light levels

The old 600W HID fixtures have been replaced by the cost-effective and energy-efficient AVENTO 3 LED luminaires. 

The AVENTO 3 offers a superior lumen/watt ratio to deliver a high-performing and more energy efficient lighting solution for the motorway. It ensures a high level of uniformity across this double carriageway road to improve safety with significantly less energy. It also provides a higher CRI so drivers and passengers have a better perception of colours around them and thus better visibility for a much better driving experience.

Access road lighting 

The exits and entrances to the motorway are now lit by the LEDLUME. Thanks to its flexible combinations of LED modules, starting with 8 LEDs through to 128 LEDs, it delivers the right lighting for each specific access road with minimum energy consumption to maximise savings.

Less light pollution

All of the luminaires have been fitted with specific optics that direct the light directly to where it is needed, considerably reducing light spill compared to the previous installation.


The AVENTO 3 is IoT-ready for an easy connection with Schréder EXEDRA, our smart lighting control system. Schréder EXEDRA is an open and interoperable platform so that so that luminaires can integrate with other applications and systems, ensuring a futureproof and scalable solution for the city.

We were delighted to work with the Western Cape Government, Kantey & Templer, Zutari and Adenco to provide an energy-efficient street lighting solution for this busy road while improving safety for motorists.

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