Jules Ferry Park

Customised YOA luminaire brings heritage, elegance and life at night to the delight of the local community

Lorient, a city located in the Morbihan department, is known for its famous Festival Interceltique, the largest Celtic festival in the world that welcomes around 700,000 people every August. Many of the festival activities take place in Jules Ferry Park in the heart of the city centre. 

In 2016, the local authorities decided to redevelop this 4 hectare park to improve urban living in the city and create informal and formal spaces for daily use and hosting events. They wanted a high-quality public space that would: 

  • highlight the city’s character;
  • create a green lung;
  • strengthen the connection between the city centre and the sea. 

To the north of the park, the large car park has been renovated to create a dedicated bus lane and the Rambla, a wide tree-lined pedestrian promenade punctuated by kiosks and café terraces.

Lighting to keep heritage alive

The lighting designer Lucas Goy, founder of Les Eclaireurs agency, and the project manager Cindy Gaillard were commissioned to create an original luminaire for the park that would fuse the past with the future.

They decided to work with the energy-efficient YOA luminaire which delivers an excellent light output and fit it with a specially designed mask that would capture the city’s rich heritage.

They asked the experienced team at Schréder SIGNATURE to create an elegant mask with one of the strongest symbols of Breton history; the Bigouden headdress. This headdress, with its cylindrical shape, comes from a traditional Breton art called "picot bigouden". Bigouden women have been crocheting this lace since the 1900s.

Place Jules Ferry


Lorient Council


Lighting design: Les Eclaireurs (Lucas Goy)
Engineering office: Artélia
Installation contractor: SPIE Ploemeur
Photographer: Jean-Baptiste Guerlesquin

We were looking for simplicity, functional lighting that integrates an exquisite design. Dressed in a fine mesh, the YOA luminaire creates a truly unique identity while lighting the space.

Le concepteur lumière Lucas Goy
Lucas Goy
Lighting designer & Founder - Les Eclaireurs

Crafting modern functionality

Made of stainless steel, the mask accurately reproduces the cylindrical shape and lace pattern of the headdress with an impressive attention to detail. The metal is cut according to a pattern designed by Les Eclaireurs to evoke the texture of the lace, with the largest possible openings to allow the light to pass through. 

We pushed the details of the mask down to the colour. Lacquered in white, the luminaire pays tribute to the elegant white headdress.

Le concepteur lumière Lucas Goy
Lucas Goy
Lighting designer & Founder - Les Eclaireurs

The mask thus becomes a distinct urban element both by day and by night. With its distinctive silhouette, it perfectly combines aesthetic design and public lighting. It creates a gentle nocturnal ambiance along the Rambla for the local community while minimising energy use, light pollution and light spill.