Praça de Espanha

IZYLUM and Schréder EXEDRA control platform deliver smart connected lighting for this busy transport hub

Praça de Espanha, a large square, is a vital mobility hub in Lisbon. It is home to a metro station and several bus stops, indeed all buses transporting passengers to and from the south bank of the River Tejo leave and arrive there. 

For many years it played a major role in dispersing traffic coming from the south of the city and the north of the country. However, with the construction of the North-South axis, which crosses the whole city, Praça de Espanha with its various crossroads, had become a disordered area - it was experiencing severe traffic congestion which impacted poorly on bus operations and was no longer providing a pedestrian-friendly infrastructure.   

Create a successful mobility hub

In 2019 the City Council decided to undertake a major redevelopment of the entire area with several objectives: 

- improve the efficiency of traffic flow by having only two major intersections, and streets with 2, 3 or 4 lanes in each direction
- prioritise the mobility and safety of pedestrians and cyclists by creating their own inviting and convenient lanes
- create a new urban park to provide an important green relaxation area for the residents and visitors. 

A completely new lighting scheme was necessary to guide people in safety and comfort through the area at night. The new lighting had to meet the city’s strict requirements for efficiency, sustainability, quality, durability and maintenance.

Sustainable solution 

The council chose the IZYLUM luminaire to light the new road layout and the footpaths as it met all the requirements.

This state-of-the-art luminaire incorporates the latest mechanical, electrical, photometrical and technological innovations. Fitted with the LensoFlex®4, the fourth generation of Schréder's proven LensoFlex concept, it delivers the required lighting levels for the roads and streets while maximising energy savings. Made of high-quality robust recyclable materials, it will ensure performance for many years to come in line with the city’s sustainability objectives. 

Smart lighting

The luminaires are controlled by the Schréder EXEDRA system, which in addition to providing a platform for smart city projects, enables the local authorities to monitor and control the lighting levels in an efficient manner. The city can set different lighting levels for the roads and pavements and dim the lighting to meet the real needs of the area. In the future, they could also programme the lighting to respond and adapt to real-time traffic conditions. 

Enhanced landscape 

Lisbon City Council chose to mount the IZYLUM luminaires on Schréder's TEJO metal columns to enhance the look and feel of the newly redeveloped area. The high-quality finish and clean lines of these columns bring an elegant touch to the urban area. 

In total, 169 IZYLUM luminaires and 119 TEJO TTB columns have been installed:
- 114 IZYLUM 3 luminaires mounted on 10m high columns with single or double brackets for the new traffic road layout, 
- 55 IZYLUM 1 luminaires mounted on 4m high columns for the new bike and pedestrian paths.

Smooth and efficient travelling experience 

The luminaires deliver a high level of uniformity across the wide boulevards and spaces with low energy consumption (between 28 and 125w per luminaire). They are fitted with warm white LEDs, creating a safer and very pleasant environment. 

By providing a lighting scheme that meets and responds to the needs of the people using it, we have helped to improve transportation efficiency and create a place for the general public to orientate themselves, enjoy and even gather.

Praça de Espanha


Lisbon City Council