Malmö inner ring road

Smart lighting solution saves energy and preserves the environment along this busy motorway

The city of Malmö prides itself on setting standards in sustainability and is a member of the European Green Capital Network, the continent’s most innovative cities in the fight against climate change.

As part of its initiatives to slow climate change, the city is switching to smart lighting solutions to reduce its energy consumption and carbon footprint. In November 2022, the local authorities installed an innovative lighting solution on Inre Ringvägen, the city's inner ring road that will not only save energy but also protect the environment without compromising on road safety.

Smart lighting to maximise savings

The local authorities firmly believe that good lighting and lighting design improves the way in which people apprehend a road or street and thus increases safety. When relighting the 12km long inner ring road, which has a passage of 56,000 vehicles per day, they wanted a lighting solution that would optimise safety with minimal energy consumption.

They opted for the highly-performing IZYLUM which is fitted with the LensoFlex®4 photometrical engine to deliver the required lighting levels for roads and streets while maximising energy savings. Made of high-quality robust recyclable materials, it will ensure performance for many years to come in line with the city’s sustainability objectives. 

The luminaires are fitted with Zhaga-D4i nodes and controlled by the Schréder EXEDRA system, which enables the local authorities to monitor and control the lighting levels in an efficient manner. The city can set different lighting levels for the roads to meet the real needs of the area.

Schréder EXEDRA will also help the city to anticipate any potential failures to optimise maintenance and minimise disruption for drivers. 

In the future, data gathered from the luminaires could be used to programme the lighting to adapt to real-time traffic conditions and better manage mobility in the city.

Open control system for smart city projects

Schréder EXEDRA is an open and interoperable system so it can integrate with other applications and systems, ensuring a futureproof and scalable solution for the city of Malmö. The city has already integrated the system with the Capelon IoT platform to connect to the city's fibre network.

A first in Sweden: lighting that adapts to protect the environment

All of the 600 IZYLUM luminaires installed are equipped with our FlexiWhite solution that adapts the colour temperature of the LEDs from 3,000K to 2,000K late at night and when traffic density is low. It ensures excellent visibility when the roads are busy while significantly reducing light pollution when no-one is present to preserve the biodiversity and night skies. 

The city is very happy with this first project featuring tunable white LEDs on a motorway as it ensures safety, efficiency and environmentally-friendly lighting.

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Malmö City Council