Atlantico motorways

Smart lighting responds to the different needs along these busy motorways, saving energy and costs

The A8 motorway running from the capital Lisbon to Leiria along the west coast, is an extremely important gateway for the region. This 138km long artery promotes tourism by providing easy access to several tourist spots and beaches and supports economic development as it serves many towns and cities with high industrial and agricultural activity. 
The A15 motorway connects Santarém to Caldas da Rainha, facilitating access to the coast from inland. Both roads are managed by Auto-Estradas do Atlântico SA.

Transition to LED lighting

With public safety the priority, Auto-Estradas do Atlântico decided to invest and replace all the luminaires at the junctions and toll plazas along these 2 motorways in 2020 as they were no longer providing the required lighting levels and needed frequent maintenance. 

The objective was clear: switch to a more effective and efficient LED lighting system, with little routine maintenance, capable of meeting and surpassing the existing lighting standard requirements, while ensuring maximum safety for motorists.
After assessing existing solutions, the road operator opted for the a range of Schréder luminaires - IZYLUM, INDU FLOOD and OMNISTAR - and the Schréder EXEDRA smart lighting system.

More light, less energy

A total of 2,501 IZYLUM luminaires were installed on most of the toll plazas as well as the slip roads:

  • 855 (75W) IZYLUM replaced 855 (150W) fixtures with discharge lamps;
  • 1,283 (162W) IZYLUM replaced 1,283 (250W) fixtures with discharge lamps;
  • 344 (218W) IZYLUM replaced 218 (400W) fixtures with discharge lamps. 


Auto-Estradas do Atlântico


reduction in power

The new lighting has reduced the total power of the installation by more than 50% (from 703,900W to 346,963), with clearly higher lighting levels and a better quality of light which is much better for drivers at night as it keeps them alert at night and can help relieve strain on the eyes.

In some toll plazas, due to the height of the existing columns (15, 20 and 25m), high-power floodlights were necessary. For these specific areas, we delivered 332 INDU FLOOD GEN2 floodlights and 12 OMNISTAR floodlights, which has reduced the total power of the installation by around 25%, from 95,220W to 70,232W.

Smart control for further and future savings 

The IZYLUM luminaires are managed by the Schréder EXEDRA smart lighting control system that enables a quick and easy deployment of a connected lighting network.

The robust design of the IZYLUM along with the long lifespan of the LEDs will dramatically reduce routine maintenance operations which means less disruption for drivers. With Schréder EXEDRA, staff will be able to monitor the installation and anticipate any potential problems, saving unnecessary on-site interventions and optimising operations. 

Schréder EXEDRA will also enable the staff to adapt the lighting levels remotely, and programme them to switch on when a certain level of darkness is reached. They can even adapt the lighting at each specific junction, slip road and toll plaza along the A8 and the A15 motorways. For example, at the smaller, less frequently used toll plazas, the lighting level can be set to the minimum required levels while at busier junctions and toll plazas, the lighting level can be higher, especially during peak traffic hours. 

Staff could also create specific lighting scenarios to adapt the lighting to traffic changes or weather conditions using smart devices. The Schréder EXEDRA platform gives them all the flexibility they need for optimum performance while prioritising safety and fluid mobility.