BORA transforms the nocturnal landscape of Rivedoux with a highly original and energy-efficient lighting solution

Located on the east coast of Ré Island, overlooking the sea, Rivedoux is home to a small fishing port, a bay and wonderful beaches. In 2008, the local authorities decided to transform the town centre with 3 objectives:

  • regroup local services
  • boost local trade and
  • create a unique nocturnal identity.

As part of this project, a new indoor market and jetty were built to create more vibrant living spaces where the local community could gather. The local authorities wanted a modern aesthetic lighting scheme that would contribute to enlivening these spaces by creating a welcoming and secure landscape.

Delighted by the highly original aesthetic design of the BORA, they were even more impressed when they discovered that these LED bollards which consume little energy could be fitted with a detection system to dim the light when nobody is present, offering further energy savings.

A total of 21 BORA Maxi and 3 BORA Midi bollards were installed on the jetty and along the promenade. The BORA Maxi are fitted with a detection system.

At night, when no-one is present, only the blue LED of the bollards are lit, ensuring a relaxing and safe landscape.

As soon as a bollard detects the arrival of a pedestrian or cyclist, the white LEDs in the 2 bollards on either side are switched on to guide people with high visual comfort and in complete safety. As the pedestrians or cyclists advance along the promenade, the white LEDs are switched off.

In addition to the detection system, a central control system was installed so that the local authorities could light up the entire promenade for special occasions.

Both the local authorities and residents are delighted with the new lighting scheme which has completely transformed the nocturnal landscape, turning the promenade into an inviting and playful space. Some residents have even been seen running between the bollards, playing with the light.

Ré Island


Rivedoux Council


Contracting authority: Rivedoux Council
Project management: SDEER