Carlin Tunnel

The FV32 lights this first highway tunnel to be converted to LED lighting in North America, considerably cutting energy consumption

The Carlin Tunnel consists of two bores - each is on average 1,394 feet in length and 33 feet wide. Previously, the tunnel was lit with a combination of 100W, 150W, and 400W high-pressure sodium (HPS) luminaires.  

In 2013, the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), in co-operation with the Federal Highway Administration, decided to replace the lighting in this tunnel as part of a larger project to improve Interstate 80 through the Carlin Tunnels area in northeastern Nevada. This project, of approximately $31 million, included enhanced roadway drainage, new concrete near tunnel entrances and the new lighting solution.

They opted to light the tunnel with the FV32 LED tunnel luminaire. Each 240 LED version of the luminaire consumes 266W, while the 120 LED version consumes 131W. Overall, the new FV32 LED lighting system results in a significant decrease in energy consumption and the number of luminaires, from 1,253 to approximately 789. The white light provided by the LEDs also increases comfort for tunnel users. 

United States


Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)


The Nevada Department of Transportation’s objectives for the lighting solution were a lower energy consumption, an effective control system and a tunnel that satisfies the IES RP-22-11 tunnel lighting standard at all times. NDOT was able to realize these goals using Schreder’s FV32.

Lori Smith
Sales Manager – Schréder

The updated lighting solution also includes a new tunnel lighting control system which incorporates dynamic dimming that responds to ambient light levels on both the inside and outside of the tunnels.

Schréder was chosen because the FV32 LED luminaire - specifically developed for tunnel lighting - gave the best results in the 20-year lifecycle analysis. Thanks to their performance, less luminaires were required to achieve RP-22 luminance levels in the Carlin Tunnel. Additionally, the FV32 proved intuitively easy to maintain: its’ component level maintenance allows for quick field replacements and easy upgrades if needed.

Eric MacGill
Roadway Design Manager - PK Electrical