Dongtan Birds National Nature Reserve

Sustainable lighting solution creates a warm welcoming environment

Chongming Island is a 1,041km² island at the mouth of the Yangtze River. Located just over 20 miles east of Shanghai, the island offers a haven of nature and life in the slow lane for those wishing to escape the busy city life. Every spring and autumn, the island hosts as many as 10 million migratory birds, including some of the world’s endangered species of water birds, as they make their way south.

Dongtan Birds National Nature Reserve, with a bird watch tower and winding plank walkway opened in 2010 to enable tourists to make the most of this wild life. 

Sustainable and bird-friendly lighting solution

To offer the birds an undisturbed natural space to rest for a while and in line with the island’s sustainability concerns, the authorities wanted an energy-efficient yet aesthetic solution to light the boardwalk of this nature reserve. 

The BORA LED bollard was chosen. It provides a gentle soft white and blue light by night to guide visitors without unsettling the birds. With a low power consumption and extremely low maintenance, it supports the sustainability goals, saving energy and reducing light pollution.  

In all, 11 bollards were installed, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance for all visitors.

Chongming Island